Happy End

Four successful years of training in an engineering office and at a vocational school while obtaining a vocational diploma at the same time, an internship on a construction site and an exchange with a civil engineering planning office,  gathering project experience and going through diligent weeks of preparation. To then fall ill on the day of the final apprenticeship exams, of all times, could be the stuff of a Greek tragedy.
This happened to our apprentice Ana Luisa Rodrigues da Silva, who, however, did not let herself be disheartened by this. Thanks to the goodwill of those responsible at the “Baugewerblichen Berufsschule Zürich” Ana Luisa was able to find a replacement date and go through her apprenticeship`s qualification process at the end of August already.


She took the chance and passed with flying colours.

Now, after this nail-biting finale, we gratulate Ana Luisa on successfully achieving apprenticeship qualification as Technical Designer EFZ Civil Engineering. At the same time, we are very happy about Ana Luisa`s continued role within our office. She will support our drafting team as junior technician.