Fresh fish to the table – the new Fischerstube

Built as a landmark for the 1939 National Exhibition, rebuilt in the same form after a fire in 1957, demolished again in 2020 due to its poor condition. With the opening of the new “Fischerstube” at Zürichhorn on 1 July, an icon of gastronomy on Lake Zurich experienced its second comeback. The “Fischerstube” with its stunning terrace forms the heart of the “Fischerdorf”. The restored historic “Fischerhütte” and the new “Fischerkiosk” completes the “Fischerdorf”. The “Fischerstube” is open all year round and can accommodate about 530 guests in the restaurant and the garden.
Based on the competition design by the architectural studio Patrick Thurston, the project for the new replacement building adopts the formal language and materiality of the original building with a traditional roof structure made of wood and a thatched roof.

The buildings above the watersurface are founded with steel columns and driven piles up to 15 m deep in the soil. In the case of the “Fischerstube”, the load of the wooden structure is absorbed by a concrete platform and transferred to the steel columns. The “Fischerhütte” and the terraces were realised as a wooden construction and steel construction only.
We are now looking forward to the transition from being part of the project team to being guests. Lüchinger+Meyer has been working on the supporting structures in steel and concrete as well as the pile foundations and excavations since the competition success with Patrick Thurston Architects.

Photos: Juliet Haller