The bath is full

The folded glass roof of the indoor swimming pool “Hallenbad City” is complete, the 50 metre pool has been filled with water for the first time and the countdown to the completion of the overall refurbishment is nearing its end. (The municipal indoor swimming pool reopens on 13 July 2012.)

The facade engineers from Dr. Lüchinger+Meyer developed the folded glass roof on behalf of the city of Zürich together with Ernst Niklaus Fausch Architekten, Tuchschmid and Glas Trösch Swisslamex.



The folded glass elements are integrated into the existing load-bearing structure and span the indoor pool as translucent skylight glazing. The highest point is in the central axis of the roof, and from there it slopes down to the edge of the pool on both sides. The rigid glass corner connections, which are key technical elements in the structure, are hardly visible because they are integrated into the laminated glass surfaces.

Dr. Lüchinger+Meyer Bauingenieure AG developed the “folding” glass elements together with its project partners and is responsible for project planning and development, including support and supervision during the execution process.