The Guardians of Liberty Village

In view of the “Guardians” one would like to claim that we are familiar with stone man paintings (cf. “human nature“, NY) in urban spaces in North America, which were recently handed over to the public in Toronto, Canada. But the impression is deceptive, because the five stonemason sculptures in XXL format designed by Pop Art artist Olaf Breuning are creations of aluminum, bronze, and steel.


The figures – which with their impressive heights between 3 and 6 metres fulfil their role as guards in an exemplary manner – were elaborately handcrafted by Holz & Metall Hoppler, a Schlieren-based metal worker. The engineers of Dr. Lüchinger + Meyer support his planning of the hidden supporting structures in order to give the necessary stability to the sculptures, some of which are layered in an adventurous way.