The Vogelsang-magazine

The non-profit housing cooperative Winterthur (GWG), building owner of Winterthur’s new settlement Vogelsang, also demonstrates her sense of community during the construction period. A construction side magazine was launched at the start of construction. It should inform members and those who are involved in the realization, about interesting news of the construction process. All builders will get a chance to speak here and also companies, which are involved into the construction site – from the plant mechanic to the bricklayers to the carpenters. Professional photographers will accompany the progress of the construction. As an involved planner, we appreciate this respectful and at the same time interested interaction of the housing cooperative.

After the gained competition success with Knapkiewicz & Fickert Architects in 2014, we are now looking forward to the realization of the construction project. By 2021, a “vibrant, homey and uncomplicated residential area with 161 apartments … for every situation” will replace the 80-year-old building stock at the Unteren Vogelsangstrasse, just a 5-minute bicycle ride from Winterthur station. In addition, a crèche, a double kindergarten and a local restaurant will be integrated into the new settlement.