A jewel in Zurich’s financial district

In the middle of the business district in Circle 2, which is characterized by perimeter block development, a new jewel in the Claridenstrasse catches the eye. The independence and elegance of the “International Balzan Prize Foundations” new office and commercial property is accentuated by a front of artificial stone elements and vertical pilaster strips. Based on a shared competition success with  Annette Gigon / Mike Guyer Architekten our structure planners supported the design and realization of the building. It is possible to visit the sophisticated new building during an open house presentation on November, 3rd – from 2pm to 5pm.

The main point of the static concept has been focussed on creating a maximum of usable room. Due to this fact lost place has been recovered by arranging the supporting pillars directly on the front of the building. Now it was possible to extend the rental area until the window frames. Another challenge for the structural engineers stays hidden from today`s viewer. Due to the high water level and the adjacent neighbouring buildings, the basement floors of the existing building were partially integrated into the new supporting structure. The remaining components had to be strengthened to absorb the increased forces of the new building.