Common Ground – New cantonal School Stein in Fricktal

A school complex as a modern common ground. In Stein, in Fricktal, a learning campus will be built to provide students with the opportunity to learn and develop, but also to provide added value to the community outside of school hours. The new cantonal school will feature 44 classes for approximately 800 students, a sports pavilion with four gymnasiums, a science platform, and a central forum. The design “Common Ground” by the team of E2A Piet Eckert and Wim Eckert Architects with Lüchinger+Meyer as structural engineers was selected as the winning project in the competition for the school “on greenfield”. “The solution reveals an amazingly simple structure that results in an extremely functional school with an array of different spaces.” is what the jury said to justify their decision. The envisioned building is conceived modularly and considers a later expansion to 66 departments. A cycle economy design ensures that all components can be separated and reused.
The heart and “living room” of this large building is the forum that connects everything. “This is where the new cantonal school lives and breathes.” The central functions of the new cantonal school such as the canteen, auditorium, media centre and gymnasiums with their grandstands are directly connected to the forum. Balconies and bridges offer additional learning and working places for students and teachers.

The development of the hybrid building structure was consistently oriented to the overall structural concept and the intended uses. It consists of reinforced concrete columns and beams. Concrete slabs, wood, or wood-concrete composite elements are utilized to fill the ceiling areas. The arrangement of the load-bearing axes results in efficient dimensions in all areas, where the spans are optimized according to the room layout. The large beams above the gymnasiums are prestressed. Timber will be the only material used in the roof construction. As a result, timber beams design the shape of the roof. The central area is spanned by trusses integrated into the shed roof structure.

The thirteen competition entries will be exhibited to the public from April 5 to 18 in the Saalbau in Stein AG.

Visualisations: © E2A Piet Eckert and Wim Eckert Architects, Filippo Bolognese Images