Allez, Lausanne, allez!

1st prize in the competition for the Lausanne stadium !

Soccer fans and culture lovers in Vaud can look forward to it: A new stadium with 12,000 seats will be built in the north of the city to provide a home for soccer and a stage for major events. But first, the facade and civil engineers of Dr. Lüchinger+Meyer in a team with the architects of :mlzd and Sollberger Bögli from Biel are looking forward to the implementation of the successful joint competition project.


The compact stadium design with the four open corners as unmistakable distinguishing marks aims at clarity and simplicity. The proposed load-bearing structure has been designed accordingly, with a high degree of prefabrication and is very economical to manufacture and maintain. A lightweight roof construction and a shell-like grandstand construction in solid construction form the actual supporting structure of the stadium. The roof and shell form a static unit. A functional building envelope was designed as a facade for the main grandstand of the Stade de football.

All competition designs can be viewed at the Architekturforum Lausanne from November 5 to 16.

More information about the stadium (City of Lausanne)