“Alleswirdeins” (all becomes one)

The main building of the Bostadel correctional facility in Menzingen, which has been in operation since 1977, is in serious need of renovation. In addition, the new construction of a department for old and long-term detained prisoners is intended to achieve an optimal operating size in the future as well as an offer of specialized detention places. In the competition for the overall refurbishment and extension of the prison, the project ALLESWIRDEINS by ARGE Eggenspieler Architekten / architecture & aménagement was selected for further development. Lüchinger+Meyer represented the structural design in the successful competition team.
The winning project envisages a three-storey supplementary wing arranged orthogonally, in the center of the main building. This positioning optimally divides the outdoor areas for normal and special enforcement. In addition, the new building does not cause any significant shading of the existing buildings. It offers an advantageous quality of sunlight for the interior spaces, especially the cells.

The moderate depth of intervention in the existing building is welcomed. Overall, “this project is characterized by a profound understanding of the complex functional processes and shows a potential that allows a coherent volumetric, spatial and operational expansion of the Bostadel correctional facility.”
In accordance with the requirements for flexibility and robustness, a reinforced concrete skeleton structure will be used for the new building. The repair measures for the old building focus in particular on seismic and fire protection upgrades as well as the renovation of the building envelope.

The total cost of the project is approx. 67 million Swiss francs. Implementation in stages is planned from 2027 to 2032.

(Visualization: Eggenspieler Architects)