Evening atmosphere in the Morgental

The light of the “golden hour” enveloped the shell of the building, the tables were hospitably laid, fairy lights adorned the scaffolding, the Brasserie Keller tap mobile promised “Excellent Beer” … Last Friday evening, the IGEBA building cooperative in Wetzikon invited guests to the topping-out ceremony for the new Morgental neighbourhood with a grand festive gesture. 70 flats are being built here, grouped in 4 buildings around an imposing walnut tree. Our structural engineers were delighted to accept the appreciative invitation and spent a convivial summer evening on the construction site with the client, the planning team from Hosoya Schaefer Architects and our construction partners from Ponato AG.

A symbolic (celebratory) evening atmosphere now also characterises our involvement in the project, which we have been supporting since the competition win. Our work is done. The concrete structures have been shuttered, the wooden supports moved and the steel balcony structures, which will be installed in the autumn, have also been planned. We are following the completion of the buildings with interest from afar.