Today, 87.8% of the voters in the city of Zurich voted in favour of the new school complex and community park on the Guggach area. We are very pleased about the overwhelming democratic backing that our project received from all city districts. The new school building is part of the Guggach III construction project in Zurich-Unterstrass, which is based on a competition held in 2018. Since winning the competition, Lüchinger+Meyer has been working alongside Weyell Zipse & Hörner Architekten on the project, which is scheduled for completion by 2024. The new primary school building with a double gymnasium will provide space for around 260 children, who will be taught in twelve classes.

The above-ground floors of the school building are used as classrooms, libraries and offices as well as by the day care centre; the gymnasium is located in the underground part of the building. In order to realise the solid construction as economically as possible, the load-bearing structure is characterised by a high share of prefabrication. In addition to concrete columns, hollow prestressed concrete planks and prefabricated reinforced concrete beams are used. The vertical loads of the upper floors above the gym are supported by prefabricated prestressed concrete beams. A lightweight steel structure supports the glass roof and the suspended slender steel-concrete composite ceilings of the atrium.